Is Blogging the New Dinosaur?

I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to close out, or at least begin the closeout of blogging? I am thinking that post number 3000 will bring a close to Dispersed Thoughts. Beyond that may be the random post, but times have and are changing. So has the audience. Things fade with time, and my hunger for this type of expression is fading as well. I seem to be much better at more on the fly world of Google+, with a hint of Twitter mixed in.

I don’t know how soon, I will get to post 3000, but I’ll enjoy the journey.


2 thoughts on “Is Blogging the New Dinosaur?

  1. I never got into Google+, but I totally understand your feelings on blogging.

    1. I’m enjoying Google+. Like any type of social network you have to know what fits you. For some, it’s Twitter, others Google+, and the rest use the book.

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