That One

I’m often that one. The singular one that sticks out. All blue in a sea of green. I have to admit that it’s tiring at times. It feels like a burden that was dropped on me for whatever reason. Why are there not more like me where and when I am? At times I can feel so token just like in the movies or on TV. You have to have one of every minority. There is more to it than just that though.

I know there are others out there. Just like me, or very similar. Yet, I always end up in day to day situations when I’m just that one. I imagine some women feel the same way. You know the ones that like sports, but all of their friends want to talk about the hottest fashion or some Hollywood star. How about female gamers. I respect them, not only because they game, but they put up with an industry that often promotes bigotry, sexist views, and has a male audience that on some levels is worst than barbaric.

Here I am. That one. Mr. Unusual. The last time I met someone in person of my complexion that would even admit to being into tech, gaming, higher level thinking than what swag some rapper has, was in college.

I am the anomaly on your radar. The UFO that pops on your screen. I see lots of counterparts online, but that’s it. I’m the only one that sticks like glue in my work environment. That’s more about mentality, that even when I try to share, people don’t get. It ain’t a JOB. It’s a career. My career is in Information Technology. People don’t think like that. They aren’t all built like that.

It ain’t easy. It ain’t always cheesy. However, it’s the road I travel. I’m no ronin. I have a Master. My sword is His. It’s just not simple. It’s just not…..

It is a journey. I might find other brothers in arms one day. Just not today. Most rather blame the “man” or get drunk off the propaganda obey your thirst lifestyle that is sold to everyone via every single media outlet possible. You down with the Grey Goose bruh? If you not sippin’ the Grey, you’re not cool. You going to be at the party this weekend at the beach out of state? Just lie to your boss to get the time off. You down with us, or are you one of them?

Guys and girls I can’t be prey. There is a lion walking this Earth scaring the daylights out of people with his roar. He’s toothless though. So many fear the roar, and become dinner, gummed to death.

I got my sword. It’s sharp too. It won’t cut paper, but it will slice through bone. I’m that one. There are others. We just have to find one another to become those people.