Black Man’s Responsibility

The ass of America I be
Political hounds out to destroy me
CIA has joined the drug cartel
Down my city streets crack I smell
Black extermination is on their mind
Incarcerated many of us you find

How can we live like this
Media puts us rock bottom on poverty’s list
We have to see past the hype
it’s all a sham in that movable type

Through out history Black has been famous
Just like those cookies made by Amos
We must remember the historic past
To make our future long last

We have to guide the youth
Stopping drug sales from the phone booth
Get the racist cops off the street
They think lawful beating is neat

We must lift up our women
We must protect our women
We must love our women
We as men came from our women

As Black men
Our responsibility must be concrete unlike wind
We know the devils in our mist
Who have our leaders on a hit list
No more settling for passiveness
We must all become activist