A Worm of Change

Reality is that the only constant in life is change. Change for the worst, change for the better, a change of scenery, changing clothes, and changing your underwear. You do change your underwear right? Yet people have a love hate relationship with change. Change is the earthworm of life. We need it to grow. If we kill it, then we are only killing ourselves eventually.

Like the earthworm change tills the soil of our life in a natural way. The tilling is not done to uproot us, but actually to allow our roots to more easily expand. That expansion means we have easier access to things that we need or desire. We can grow. The next next storm will not easily push us over because our roots have grown deeper and wider thanks to change. Change has given us a better foundation.

Some people ask for change and when they get they are grossed out by the earthworm that it is. Those people have to be ignored or sometimes just told that it is what it is and now you have to deal with it. Adapt or die.

Then you have some people that love change. They want to play with the earthworm and let it do what it’s suppose to do. They may even want to become the earthworm, a change agent.

Do you like earthworms? Do you like change?