Shoot This: Expanding My Photo Taking Horizon

I took the plunge. I jumped into the oceans of stock photography at Dreamstime and 500px. People like my work. My hobby, may make me a few bucks. Wow. This is an awesome feeling. I will admit I was scared of the rejection I was going to get. I just knew I was going to get blasted for not trying this angle, or adding this finishing touch, or why did you over edit this type scenarios. None of that happened.

Dreamstime has accepted one of my submissions thus far. I submitted 11 in total. There were rejections and some are still pending review. The nice things about the rejections were the constructive criticism. It was great. They point out what was wrong and I was able to figure out how to correct the problem next time or even if the shot was doable.

I am uploading my more artistic works to 500px. The reception went through the roof when I submitted a sunset that was so beautiful. It’s the featured shot for this post. I may give a full view later. I’m really proud of that picture from the golden hour.

I feel awesome and will continue to get better and better at this craft. Don’t knock the person with the smartphone taking pictures. He/she may just surprise you with the quality of their work.