The End of National Poetry Month

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month. In honor of the month I published three poems a week. Don’t worry. I will still publish poetry along with my other musings. I do think April represents the most consistent publishing I have done in a long time. It felt good. Real good. Viewership/readership grew and I looked forward to getting the posts out to the all of you for consumption.

I really appreciate all of the Likes and the comments. It’s warming and makes this feel even more worthwhile doing. It’s exciting.

What’s next you may be thinking. I am going to do a photo series that I am going to call April Flowers. I have enough excellent photos I took for at least one picture per week to share with all of you. I’m looking forward to it as I hope all of you are too.

If you’re wondering when will my wife post again, it may be a while. She is working very hard on her dissertation to complete it very soon. I too look forward to her publishing here again as well.