Thought Process (6-24-98)

I walked the land of the
midnight sun with a thought
weighing heavy on my heart
and drifting into my soul.

Some contemplating thought
that at times seems
beyond even my underachieved

In this furlong
reality all of the
weight of this one momentous
thought exist.

How can I myself admit to
myself the ultimate truth
about myself without destroying
those things outside myself?

I’m in love with Freedom.
She is intangible but as lovely
as they come, a being that
is near perfection.

Freedom of choice, Freedom
of self-actualization, Freedom
of movement, and Freedom
of space.

A gratifying experience
for the spirit, mind, body, and
soul without chain, ball,
and shackle.

This thought sways in
my mind sometimes like
a roaring river at other times
like a gentle stream.

Trickle down affect
into my everyday life
and funneled into my
present relationship status.

Different flavors all
around and here I
simmer on lockdown
thinking about running wild.

Longing to travel
trails not taken
and see sunsets in
differing foreign places.

I’m in love with two
women. What is my
heart going to do?