My Flow

As I roll in my ride thoughts of the day on my mind

The speakers put out sound by the SPL pound

I think about you and the dreamy things we used to do

Tears for many fears want to empty but my emotions can’t tempt me

I roll on like the black man should rollin’ through hood after hood

Some think I’m up to no good but I roll on like I should

Out beats pump the stereo, my true goal is to be a black hero

I think about gettin’ paid, living plush, and having it made

I think about the Lord above, for me he has good love

I think about the poems I write, I must keep them strict and tight

People look at me and stare, my course I’m unaware

I’m in a zone, in a flow, in my ride, I just keep on and go

No static, not even a hiss. No beats the stereo does miss

I’m not lost, I’m not found, just rollin’ listening to the sound

I’ll return in an hour or two, before the day and night break in two

I just need to unleash, to let stress settle and cease