My New Dragon Scale Betta

This past Valentine’s Day my present from my wife was a 4.5 gallon aquarium I had been eyeing. It’s been a few years since I had an aquarium and I didn’t want anything very big or very small. I just wanted a decent size tank with a betta in it. I saw the perfect tank at PetSmart and started my research. My wife paid close attention and knew immediately what to get me.

I took my time setting it up and getting my betta. We had a trip planned to got out of town and I didn’t want to get my new pet only to leave him alone immediately. I chose the gravel and ornamentation  The plants are a little tall, but the bunching at the top makes them spread a little more which is the effect I wanted. Fortunately I need a heater as my office provides a perfect atmosphere temperature wise, keeping the thermometer right in the safe green range.