To Pursue Passion

2013-03-05 05.03.40

The passions that God gives us are designed to lead us to pursue the things He wants us to do. It is easy, however, to think that we are supposed to immediately do the things we are passionate about. We become impatient when God tells us to wait to do the things we are passionate about doing. We even think we haven’t heard from God– that we’ve missed Him– and that the thing that is right in front of us to do is a trap from the devil to get us totally off track. But the truth is that God– at an earlier point in our lives– actually gave us a passion to pursue the thing that is in front of us right now. The only problem is that our passion for that thing has waned.  Why? Because we’ve already paid the price. We’ve gone through the pursuit and we’ve obtained. Now we’re about to walk into the purpose of His call for our lives in regard to that thing. But at the same time, a new passion to do something else has arisen within us.

Don’t be afraid of the new passion, but beware, lest you miss God by acting upon the passion prematurely. Give it time to lead you to the thing that God wants you to do.  Really, what’s worse than missing His call for your life because you’re two steps, maybe even three, ahead. Give the passion time to grow. Don’t let go of it in the waiting, but let it mature. It’s a seed right now, and it’s so full of life that it’s bursting at the seams. But do not be afraid; it will not mature without you. You won’t miss God if you delay acting on it. It may seem like it’s about pop (and you too!), but it’s not. It’s just germinating. Give it time to grow. You’ve got to water it and feed it and give it sunlight (the Word of God). All of these things will help the seed of passion grow. But you must not kill it by giving it too much water, or too much light, or too much food. Feed it. Water it. Expose it to sunlight according to its needs, not according to yours. Giving your seed too much exposure before it is ready may actually kill it. Give it time to grow. Even when people tell you it’s time to let your seed be open to all, to show forth its glory in the sunlight, beware of false prophets. That is not God’s will for your life. He wants the seed to grow perfectly in the sunlight of His Word so that when it comes forth out of that dirt as a fine plant, it will be a specimen of His glory, a genuine gem. So, let it grow. Stop trying to make it prematurely come forth. You will kill it. God has a plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). He really does. Let His plan and His purpose have its perfect work in your life today.