Meh. Whatever. If you Don’t Understand Android and OEM Enhancements

Meh. Whatever. If you don’t understand Android and OEM enhancements, then just admit it. Stop frontin’.

Android was born out of Linux which has how many distros, but at the core is basically the same?

I was going to do a blog post and most likely will just write this here and then repost it to my blog.

Stop thinking of OEMs as doing overlays. That train of thought leads to no where. Start thinking of what the OEMs do as enhancements. Yes, you can shake your head all you want, but this needs to be hashed out, so please hear me out.

Here is my example of how Android should be marketed and explained:

Android enhanced with Touchwiz
Android enhanced with Sense
Android enhanced with Blur
etc., etc., etc.


You get my point I hope.

This places the focus on Android as an OS, but at the same time allows OEMs to shine with their enhancements. Consumers and techies can then say I like this feature set more with my Android OS, or I’m just fine with vanilla. Then we might be able to finally stop all of this bickering.

For now, I’ll take Android enhanced with Touchwiz. It’s my choice and I like it. If you like your Android another way that is okay by me. Essentially, we are all using the same OS, but geared towards our needs and desires. There is nothing wrong with that.

With all of what has been said. Fragmentation screamers and overlay divisonist please tone it down.

On a last note. Remember, what we have now is much greater than what we had when every OEM had their own OS. If you address book was on a Nokia, but your next phone was a Samsung, you had to recopy all of that by hand into the new phone. I don’t think you want to go back there. Do you?

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