Forget About it Foursquare

4sqcreditcardNo thanks Foursquare. As a matter of fact I’m a little offended by the offer itself. I know Burger King is most likely pushing it and paid well for it, but spend $10 to save a $1. Plus, you want my debit/credit card information. Why do you need my credit card information? Oh yeah, that’s right, so my money can be refunded because most likely I will pay with debit/credit card.

Foursquare, you’re not a merchant so to speak. How am I suppose to know you have the safeguards in place to protect my credit card information? Are you just acting as a middle company and passing that information along to Burger King? No thanks. Why not get Burger King just to give a discount on check in? That’s what Foursquare’s strength is, or is that strength a facade? What is really going on?

I check in less using Foursquare because frankly, you don’t give a crap about locations being over saturated with check in points. At my work location for instance. There is a check in for the cafe, the parking lot, a break room, the old smokers’ shack, various departments, and at least three for the building itself. To boot they all include the address. The parking lot is a joke right? How can you not have a program on the server detect a duplicate address for the building? Departments are not locations, at least not in this case. Most of the extra check in points are there because someone wants to be Mayor of some thing and can’t topple the Mayor of the main address. Instead of just working at it, they create another point of check in. You really need to fix such issues.

Back to the credit card deal. NO THANKS. You don’t need that information to give an offer and nor does Burger King.

It may just be time to shutter my Foursquare account. I talked about doing so on Google+ a few weeks ago, but didn’t pull the plug. I’m going to mull it over for a week. I’ll have my decision then.