Android 4.2.1 for Galaxy S3 quick look

Voice commands for the camera are in 4.1.2.
Airplane Mode aka Flight Mode is available in the Notification area. You just need to swipe towards the left to see it.

It looks like a nice update, but I will miss being able to swipe unlock anywhere on the screen.

I’m using a Note 2 so looking at this shows me at least what is to come. It looks pretty good. I hope not to see the lag he had.

Outside of Google Now, media player, and the camera (my device is PIN protected…the touch and hold rotate feature on the screen does not work well for me…still have to unlock it with the PIN) I don’t have any use for the Lock Screen widget items. Anything else would be giving to much access to the phone.


2 thoughts on “Android 4.2.1 for Galaxy S3 quick look

  1. I’ve said for the longest that there are two security flaws.

    1. Email lock screen widget

    2. The ability to access notification bar apps from lock screen

    -RAP, II

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