Burning Down the House

If my home was on fire and I needed to grab five items, all people and pets are safe, I would grab the following items.

  1. My computer. I would grab my computer because it contains personal information and archives of stuff. I could replace all of the lost photographs. I would not grab the peripherals. Just the tower. What is inside it is of the most importance. We all live a very digital life.
  2. My smartphone. Next to my computer and at times more important than my computer is my smartphone. It’s my major hub of communication. It’s my personal Rolodex. If I need to contact someone, it has the contact information in it that I need.
  3. Keys. Transportation will be important. So will temporary storage and shelter. All car keys must be grabbed.
  4. The portable safe is an option. It’s sturdy enough to survive, but light enough to make it out too. IF I can would not leave it behind to chance.
  5. My sword. I’m not leaving my samurai sword behind if I don’t have too. It took me a while to earn it and it is a simple of the growth from the Majoring in Men classes, as well as a symbol of the sword of the Lord.