Never Going Back to SWTOR, Bad Customer Service

Fett_carbonite_front Part I
SWTOR Customer Service,

I am a fully dissatisfied customer. After being forced to server transfer I was no longer able to keep my main character’s name. Now I wanted to simply transfer my mobile security app to a new phone, and I’m told I can’t use the mobile security app on my new phone due to not being a current subscriber. This is a bunch of hogwash. You just made sure that I never come back to this game ever again.

I want my account completely deleted please. I understand that you had no plans on doing such a thing, but I do believe that this situation calls for it.

The requirement of payment to use a security app that you gave away for free in the beginning is equal to a bait and switch along with strong arming a customer.

Please do not send me a canned response as was given on the phone, and as was given via email when the naming issue happened.

I want to be done with SWTOR/EA/Bioware. Please completely delete my account.

Thank you,
Robert Knight

Part II
So deleting the account turned out not to be a real option as deleting the account removes all of your Origin information. It’s all or nothing and you can never reuse the same ID again. Real jacked up EA. Real jacked up.

I removed any and all non essential information from the account so it can be frozen in imaginary carbonite ala Han Solo. That seems fitting since the next expansion pack is about the Hutt Cartel.

Blizzard runs a customer service ship that is 1000 times better.ο»Ώ