Hello Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Wait a minute Robert! You said you were getting the HTC One X+. You have been posting about that phone forever and a day it seems now. You even put up videos. What the heck happened? You never wanted a large phone, yet you got one of the largest available. What happened? People are going to think you are crazy or can’t stand by your word. You have to explain this right now.

What happened was the failure of of my 7 inch tablet and the want to get a device that I knew would meet a lot of my wants and needs.

Samsung is doing a very good job of advancing their mobile devices. They do not show the manic behavior that HTC is showing, replacing devices every three to six months it seems. Samsung also has the cache to have a line of identifiable devices with all carriers. HTC does not have that going on.

I started handling the Note 2 and yes it is a large device, however, when put into perspective as far as use goes it is a very much a great device. The S pen is going to equate to an accuracy when dealing with photos that I can’t match with my fingers. The fact that the pen is stored internally to the phone is a bonus.

The picture above is the last picture taken my Motorola Atrix 4G. It will now become a walkman/alarm clock or be sold on Swappa.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was my last birthday gift. I like my gift.

Side note: Samsung advertising didn’t hurt either (the traveling dad and Santa are my favorites…I’m married; I understand).