Best Buy Makes a Statement via Email

Wow. Best Buy making a direct statement. I have to say I like it and it takes some gumption to do so. I was expecting the normal come to this event email, but got the letter quoted below. I am a Rewards Zone member which is one of the reasons I got the email. Color me a little impressed.

Dear Reward Zone Member,

The presidential election is over, and no matter how you feel about the outcome, just about everyone is happy we’ve seen the last misleading TV commercial.

Some retailers, unfortunately, didn’t get the memoโ€”and they’re pounding the airwaves with ads that make us feel like the political season never ended. Ugh. Well, at Best Buyยฎ, we stand for something different. Here’s our promise to you:
We are dedicated to having the best pricing on the products people care about most, like smartphones, tablets and televisions. And if for some reason we don’t have the lowest price, we will match any price on our hardware products, whether that price comes from a traditional “brick and mortar” store or a major online retailer.

Best Buy stores feature the broadest selection of consumer electronics products in the United States.

At Best Buy, you can shop when and where you want: in our stores, online or over the phone. You can even buy online and pick up your purchase in our store the same day.

We have a sales force trained to deliver impartial, knowledgeable advice about all products, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

We will stay with these products for their lifetime with our Geek Squadยฎ services and support.
This holiday season, we’ll keep the competition honest if we have to, but we’d rather spend our time and energy doing what matters most: keeping you satisfied. That’s the truth, and that’s our promise to you.

Happy Holidays!


Shawn Score
Senior Vice President of U.S. Retail, Best Buy


5 thoughts on “Best Buy Makes a Statement via Email

  1. Hey there Mr. Knight. I ran across your post in searching why this email was sent out by Best Buy. I was impressed with the message too. Do you know the reasoning behind it?

    1. Most likely it has to do with Best Buy not having such a great track record when it came to sales. They would have some thing on sale online, but once you got to the store it was not on sale there.

      As with all actual stores Best Buy is taking a square hit on the financial chin due to Internet shopping. Why bother going in the store when you can just have it delivered to your house?

      Best Buy needs to rebuild its image and inspire people to come to the store. Otherwise they will end up like Circuit City and CompUSA.

  2. It seems to me that the letter might have been sent in response to a particular situation with a competitor,or some other accusation or slander toward BB. I looked on-line for any news of a scandal or major issue with a competitor. Nothing. I’d love to hear more from BB about exactly what prompted the email.

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