No Three Letter Words

I am going to write this post without using a bunch of three letter words. It is a nice challenge to take on. I really have to think about word choices. As long as I am paying attention it isn’t that great of a challenge, however I have been forced to rule the implementation of contractions to be against multiple english writing rules at this time. It is hard. Whoa; I barely made it through that last sentence. I had to rethink it several times as I wrote it. I don’t know if I really need to continue this challenge, however I think progress must be made to prove to myself that I am able to do it.

Just do it is a perfect motto to invoke during this moment in writing. I must have an iron fist coupled with a thought process to bend, manipulate, circumvent, bypass, expand, et caetera,  beyond my normal thinking patterns that would dictate my writing style.  The challenge almost consumed me. I spelled the word et caetera in full because I am moving towards victory lane. Three hundred words is my goal. I must drive towards perfection of implementing persuasive planning to accomplish the feat.

Trying to avoid using three letter words is akin to someone trying to break a swearing habit. We know we have a larger vocabulary than we’re using, however trying to break learned habits take time. I am glad I don’t have to create a container to drop coins into each time I have to erase a word or pause before continuing with this writing. I managed to insert contractions. Doing so deserves an enormous hooray.

With the start of this sentence I’m only twenty-five words away from completing the finish in a style of grandiose pleasure that one celebrates with.