Love in the Miss

I love you. You’re my sunrise and sunset. You’re my why I can’t give up and just die yet. You’re important and I need you. I need the emotional cocoon you provide when life has me on a downward slide.

Do you know how much I crave you? I slave for your happiness; discombobulated when the mark I surely miss. I’m cut off, slowed, and delayed in a crater of frost slippery sided with green moss. My own foe keeping my foot to under tow.

I don’t just need you here. I need you intertwined interdependent accepting me and needing with fired desire my being. I’m not running, but often you have me hills in sight fleeing. This should not be. You and me need to equal we.

We can make it if in Him we stake it. Our love, our wills, submitted to one another uplifting each the other. Stop fighting me. I miss you my mistress Miss.