Beating the Horse of the Motorola Atrix Fate Beyond Dead

I could be angry. I am frustrated, but I could also just get shear destructive for the heck of it. Nah. It’s time to be rational. Very rational. My Motorola Atrix will not be getting an update from Motorola to the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version of Android. That sucks like a Hoover. What irks me the most is how long Motorola has dragged out this decision. My mind is made up. My next mobile phone will be a Nexus device that I buy direct from Google. Forget dealing with the carriers’ and the OEMs’ shell game of updates.

The Atrix did fall in line with the coalition that Google announced with the OEMs early on. The Atrix had made its debut just in time to be included. The phone was then given the Gingerbread update which was a great improvement. Then that update coalition idea fell apart. To top it off the Atrix 2 strangely came out very fast. It was released to the market less than a year after the Atrix and it changed some things about that phone that made it unique.

Gone was the fingerprint scanner, which my wife and I love. For us it works very well. I’ve read in various places that other people hated it. Well, you mileage will vary. The Atrix 2 was not compatible with the then current keyboard docking station. The camera was not an improvement. The CPU was changed from Nvidia Tegra to Texas Instruments OMAP. The change in the processor was the major indicator that some thing was up. Why was it changed? The stab in the back had just taken place. No one seemed to know why it was changed, but for the Atrix 2 to be introduced to quickly was bizarre. At least to me it was.

Motorola listed the Atrix on its update to ICS list. It seemed like each month they would fudge with the ICS release date though. Then recently came the news that Gingerbread would be the Atrix’s final update. Way to suck the life out of consumers Motorola.

People will say just to root and ROM my current Atrix, but if Motorola does not release all of the needed drivers I’ll just end up with a partially functional mobile device. What good or fun is that? Especially, when it’s my main phone and not some thing that I want to just tinker with, maybe breaking and then having got repair. I can’t risk that kind of down time.

This Autumn or Winter I will be moving on to the next Nexus phone. More than likely my new phone will be at least 4.5 inches in screen size or larger. I’ve not wanted to go larger than 4.5, but I may have to when it comes to the next Nexus phone. The Atrix HD is off my radar. If my current Atrix bites the dust early, which could very well happen with the number of issues it seems to randomly have, I’ll go for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Motorola better be making a Nexus phone if they hope to make any dollars off me in the future, except when it comes to their Bluetooth headsets. I like my H15 a lot. The Jabra Wave is the only other headset that sparks my interest.

So this will be my last of addressing this issue. I’m not as angry as one would think. It’s technology and as the old adage goes,”If you can buy it off the shelf, it’s already obsolete.” As a consumer, closing my wallet to this non-updating nonsense will help me to win.