Ten Signs You’re Musically Middle Age

  1. You bridged the gap between cassettes and CDs.
  2. You know what a maxi single is or own one still.
  3. You owned Jodeci’s first release on cassette and know side B was garbarge.
  4. You don’t mind Mariah Carey being considered Adult Contemporary now.
  5. You spend more time listening to older music than you do current hits.
  6. You know what shell top Adidas are.
  7. Toni Braxton doing Vegas was the coolest thing ever.
  8. You miss the bass from Boyz II Men.
  9. You look at the Top 10 Singles in JET and say WTFreak.
  10. C & C Music Factory was not a place for you.

There could be a lot more, but this is a good starter list.