Labor Day – A Wasted Holiday?

clockSo let me get this straight. I get a day to celebrate the fact that I work. Let me say that again. I get a day to celebrate that I work. Well slap me silly because I’ve been doing it wrong. I celebrate every day that I work every day in this fickle economy. There are so many without jobs that maybe we need to rethink Labor Day.

Just so it does not seem I’m coming out of left field, here is a link to the official history of Labor Day:

Yes, you can tell it was initially done in Microsoft Publisher, the only HTML editing program that I know of to leave off the “L” of “HTML.” I’m so glad it did not rule the Internet, but back to the writing at hand.

How do we celebrate Labor Day? No sir we don’t take a day off. Instead we create more labor by having cookouts and the other large gatherings. The cleanup after such events is a labor intensive task, and don’t forget about all of the preparation. To top it off a lot of employers don’t even pay for what is a national holiday. You want to get paid, you better get to work buddy. Argue to work, do whatever needs to be done if you need that dollar.

We can not forget those that are unemployed. What does Labor Day mean to them? Does it feel like a slap in the face? Does it cause further depression due to their actual lack of employment?

This holiday needs a new name. Here are a few:
Final Summer Vacation Day
Last Great Cookout Day
America Grilling Day
Kingsford Matchlight Day
The Holiday That’s Not a Holiday Day
The I Don’t get Paid to Get Paid Holiday

I’m not bitter. I’m just….well…annoyed. That’s a better word. The holiday is suppose to be a celebration of american labor, the blue collar worker, but instead it’s treated as just a day. A day of mostly no pay, with no celebration left from the original intent. That’s sad.

Did anyone get in on some Labor Day sales?


2 thoughts on “Labor Day – A Wasted Holiday?

  1. Interesting perspective. I like the idea of calling it the last summer cookout or something like that. Most people only associate the day with the end of summer anyway.

    To answer your question, I really wanted to check out the furniture sales but my hubby reminded me that we are trying to pay off debt, not create more.

    1. Thank you.

      My wife and I got in on some deals at our local K&G on Friday. I did some online shopping today for some other needs. I’ve avoided brick and mortar places today. It was more of a house cleaning day for her and just a day for me.

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