Escaping Wednesday

Some people claim to have waking moments of inspiration and some say that their good old pal God told him or her to say or do something. Well, I do not know if it this was devine intervention, since I do think that God is mad at me right now for not going to church for three months, or just my dumb luck kicking in again, but here I sit on the edge of my bed on Wednesday morning contemplating going to work.
Let me explain to you what happened to cause this strange event to take place at this time. It all started when I went out to have some fun with some of my friends at a local hangout. We were having a great time laughing, telling jokes, and stories from our childhood when one of my friends brought up a really old tale about an old lady that stayed in our childhood neighborhood.
Ms. Marble was her name, but everyone in the neighborhood called her Lady Marble. We had to call her Lady Marble out of respect because she was so old. Rumor had it that she was older than the American flag. She was said to have lived so long because she stole the life of a young girl once. By stealing young girl’s life Lady Marble locked the girl in the strands of time itself. As kids we were so scared we never went near Lady Marble’s house.
Of course Lady Marble’s name and her eerie persona mixed with our imaginations did wonders for boyhood storytelling. We came up with some of the biggest whoppers you could imagine including ones that we each married Lady Marble and she would steal our lives turning us into nothing more than past memories. I must say that Lady Marble was part of the punch line in most of our jokes. Halloween was the best time to pick at her.
One Halloween all of us did the sneakiest thing I have ever been a part of. At the stroke of nine o’clock that evening we went to Lady Marble’s house with two pails of pumpkin orange paint. We painted that old lady’s bright white fence pumpkin orange. I must say upon reflection that the pumpkin orange matched our mischievous mood, because when Lady Marble came out of her house like a tornado, we made orange streaks in the air and on the ground running back to our homes.
Would you believe that Lady Marble followed that trial to our homes and got each one of us in more trouble than we could have imagined. The next week we had to go back to her house and paint her fence bright white.
As we were all out there suffering the time for our crime Lady Marble came up to me. Why she singled me out from the group I will never know, but she did so. To my surprise to be an old lady she looked really young. Lady Marble bent down to me and whispered in my ear, “One day you shall complete me.” What she said scared me right out of my childhood body. My friends later told me that evening that I turned ghost white after Lady Marble had spoken to me. Strangely enough I could not repeat what she had told me no matter how hard I tried.
Time went on and all of us grew up going our separate ways in life. A few of us managed to keep in touch and hung out every so often like we did on Tuesday night. When the memory of having to paint that fence was brought into the present it triggered the lost memory of the message that Lady Marble had told me.
It was now my time to pay my debt. Wednesday morning, not the beginning and not the end. I laid back down in bed as the shadow of Lady Marble consoled my being and left me to contemplate time forever.
I now live in the corridors of Lady Marble’s mind with the young girl and many others. We are lady Marble and she is us.