The Void of Space

Sometimes I scream into the void of space just not to be heard. I need to release the pressure of life in a non collateral damaging way. The pressure that builds inside because I don’t want to vaporize those in my vincinity.

What builds up this pressure is the lack of being understood or being ignored. My communication falls into an abyss of human misconception, insignificance, or ignorance. Walking the Earth for 35 years qualifies one for nothing. Wisdom ignored. Practicality is thrown to the wayside. All that is left is a frustrated empty void that is not really so empty.

The void is filled with frustration that creates a volitile friction. It’s better to let the bomb go off in the depths of the void to protect others. However, that can be difficult when others keep trying to pry their way in for their own selfish reasons.

You don’t need to understand it. Just let it be. Stay back at a safe distance until the all clear is given. It’s easier for all that way.