Build a 2013 Mustang Boss 302

I went to the Ford website due to a link on Yahoo and got a nice surprise. I fell in love with their build a Mustang addition to the site. You can save wallpapers of the Mustangs you build too.

My history with Mustangs is a little incomplete, and I’ll explain. Before explaining let me just say that the 2013 edition is the best and most complete look of the retro style to date. I chose the the Boss 302 edition to make my build. I present my build in three colors that I love the combination of.

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I sold my 1971 Mustang Mach One to purchase my wife’s engagement ring. The care was not complete as it was a restore project, but all of the basics needed to complete the engine rebuild and body restore were basically done. The lone thing missing was cash to do it all. Then I met her. The woman I wanted to marry. So that Mustang morphed into her engagement ring.

She made a promise to me that we would replace my Mustang with another one. With my disappoint in the body styling and engine choice of the retro style Mustang, I moved on to wanting a Corvette more. The Corvette became the dream car as you can see listed on this site, but then Ford started getting it right. The 302 aka 5.0 was put back in the engine bay finally. Then Ford did the right thing by getting the rear look of the car going the right direction finally. Now I can really say that I am getting that wanting a Mustang feeling all over again. That’s no knock on the Corvette. I’ll take either one. And I will.

Welcome back Mustang. Welcome back.