Hitting the Gym

The home gym is in full session. I started working out this past Monday, but missed most of the week due to being exhausted from work and the second or third OMGosh heat wave. Yesterday, I got up and went back again. So at least twice in the first week. The goal is three times a week with one of the days being a bike riding day weather permitting.

I’ve got weights, bench, dumbbells, boxing gloves with hand wraps, and the heavy bag. I also laid the matting on the floor. It helps with impact in the workout area. This is outside so the plan is the add a nice fan and heater for the winter. There is generator to run those things. It was purchased during the last major power outage.

What spurred this? Health issues. I need to get back into real shape. I’m not young any more with a high metabolism that burns off large pizzas like a top fuel dragster in the quarter mile. That stuff sticks. I already had all of this stuff to use, so getting a gym or Y membership did not make as much economical sense. I needed to use what I have.

My goal right now is to get down to my college and just after college weight which was between 190-195 pounds. At that size I feel good and I feel it looks good on the frame of my body.

My wife joined me this morning at the gym this morning. She has been working out on her own, but found the shared space to be nice.

We’ve also made a change in our diet. No, not dieting, but a change in what we eat. We are doing a more Mediterranean style diet. It’s not always easy, but it’s healthier for us. At the age of 35, I have lived beyond a few of the number one killers of African-American males, but now I’m battling some new ones that are not as easy to shake because they are genetic.

This working out and changing of diet will become habit. I’m not going to lose this fight. It’s for my life.