Twitter Gets Another Wall

Twitter got another wall put up today by doing away with the API, or blocking it, that allows its users to post tweets to LinkedIn. I have not seen much uproar about in my social media circles, but I am wondering if we are going to start to see more of this kind of trend? If so it will be a sad day on the Internet and basically history repeating itself.

Remember when you had Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and Windows Instant Messenger. Then came along Meebo and Trillian to try to help you merge them all to work as one. There was a lot of fighting back then about access. In the end, innovation and the lack of cohesiveness killed those platforms, or at least severely limited them. I don’t want to go back to that. However, as it was before, this all boils down to making money. Everyone wants to make a return on their investment and I can’t blame them.

I do hope within the newer land of social media that a better way, another way, besides walling off competition, is found. I think there is enough money to spread around to everyone. Maybe the real question is does everyone want to share? The answer to that may be no.