Are You Ready?

Some times I wonder why things are hidden from us by God. Then I am reminded that this often happpens because we are not ready yet. We have to go through a preparing process. That process may even feel painful to us, but it is used to make us better prepared for what is to come.

When we get what is promised to us, we are expertly ready to handle it, and reap the benefits. Sometimes we have a hard time understanding this process. We have even given it the name of “delayed gratification” as we try to psychoanalyze it. I am just thankful for it. I know that once I am prepared for some thing I can succeed.

Delay is not always bad and going through the fire can temper you, making you stronger. Adversity is not a bad thing.


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  1. divaras says:

    Muy bien! I agree!

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