Twitter Quote Thursday

If anyone needs Valentine's day to show their loved one how much they mean to them, then I'm afraid you have bigger issues. — Guillin (@Guillin) February 14, 2012 It should be a 365 (366 this year), not just one day. — Guillin (@Guillin) February 14, 2012 Advertisements

The Elf Does Keyboarding

Now it’s like carrying around a miniature Transformer (Not a reference to the Transformer tablet, but to the animated series). 🙂 The Fn keys work very well with PowerAmp I must say.

Pre-employment Tests: What Every Job Seeker Should Know

(ARA) – With the economy strengthening, today’s job seekers have more of an opportunity to find a job than in years past. However, that hardly means that companies are taking the decision to hire lightly. With still unprecedented numbers of applicants vying for each open position, companies are putting a greater emphasis on choosing the…

Memorial Day

Always remember those that paid the price for our freedom.