GPU Acceleration on the Elf…Yes, Please

I was poking around in the settings of my tablet (Ainol Elf) and I found a setting to turn on hardware GPU acceleration. A couple or words came to mind. They were nitro and turbo boost. They mean faster. Guess who turned on the GPU acceleration? This guys that’s who. Yes, it did make a difference. I could immediately tell that the screen was more responsive to panel switches and apps opened even faster. The Dolphin web browser rendered faster too. There was not a big impact to battery life.

I have yet to test the HDMI output and the USB hosting option, but they will both be tested soon. USB hosting option? Yes, I can attach an external hard drive it appears, and Android ICS will mount it for use. I can think of one word right now. SWEET.

This tablet is proving to be an excellent laptop replacement for me.