Protecting Your Smart Phone

I use the following options to protect my smart phone.

Lookout – Antivirus and antimalware scanner…does backups of your phone data…can do a remote locate and wipe
Seal – allows you to lock applications via passcode…I use this on apps like Google Play and the Amazon AppStore for Android
Visidon Applock – does facial recognition…very good once it’s setup and I use it for guarding my email…uses a passcode as a secondary
Biometric Scanner – My Atrix has a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the phone…uses a passcode as a secondary

Lookout and Visidon Applock are free on Google Play. Seal is free, but limited in it’s free model to number of apps you can have it protect. I suggest just buying it. It’s worth it. Especially for those that find some joy in letting their children/infants play with their smart phones. The get the biometric scanner you will need to own an Atrix. Not the Atrix 2, but the first one, which is officaially known as the Atrix 4G. I hope the scanner makes a return on the Atrix 3.

All of the apps listed can be used on a tablet as well with the exception of the biometric scanner. It’s hardware that must be built in.