A Quadruple Minority

This post is going to take some by suprise and may even cause an uprise. I tend to not be to militant in my postings, but today and the days building up to it brought this thought to my mind today (2/20/12). The actual time was this morning. However, I could not write what I was feeling immedaitely. That may have been a great thing as I was able to think about things more and settle down.

I face a reality of being a quadruple minority. You’re thinking wait a minute brother. How can you be a quadruple minority? You’re African-American/Black. Is that not minority enough for you? The answer is no because that box is to small to try to define myself in the context of this post. I’ll start explaining now. Maybe by the time I get all of this post out you’ll be able to follow me.

I am a Christian. Yes, this does make me a minority. My faith, morals and ethics often do not line with those that I must work with and serve in the marketplace. Taking a stance can even been seen or called a form of hate or lack of tolerance by some. Yet, there are other faiths that get a free pass. I don’t go about hammering people over the head with my faith, but know that it is a part of who I am and it helps to guide me through this life. The hatred that you accuse me of may actual be your own lack of tolerance. That’s some thing to think about. Am I perfect? By no means. I fall. I get back up. I move forward with the goal of not falling again.

I’m an African-American/Black male that is successful at what he does. I’ve never been locked up. I’ve never done drugs. I don’t have any children out of wedlock. I open the car door and any other door for my wife. I’m not renting our home. I don’t owe any thing to a Rent-a-Center or Aaron’s. I’ve never rented any kind of furniture or entertainment system. I’m not into today’s secular mainstream hip-hop/rap music because I find it more offensive and negative than positive. I don’t wear baggy pants hanging so low you can read the brand of underwear I have on. I just don’t fit the stereotypes that the media has of me. I don’t speak the latest slang, and would rather talk about my playing an MMO or building a computer than Snoop Dogg getting busted for weed by a drug sniffing dog. I went to college, graduated, but never pledged a fraternity. Yeah, I’m an oddball African-American/Black male by typical standards set by the media. I have no body art or piercings. I never had a flat top. I love a good NHRA drag race. I care and I move with purpose.

I’m happily married. Yeah, being happily married seems to put me in a minority these days. All you ever hear about in the media is divorce. I work at my marriage. And believe me it is work. It’s not some soap opera, romance novel, kiss it all better, put a happy ending to it movie. It’s real. It changes, it grows, it goes through good and bad times. I made a commitment. I keep my word. My word is my bond and that has a deeper meaning to me than some may ever understand. I made a covenant with my wife and that’s serious business. When I look around though I often see the married houses around me fall apart into disrepair. The  they look at me and think how can you be happy? That I’m faking it or tolerating it. No. I live it and love it. We had a wedding. When was the last time you were at a real wedding. Not some Justice of the Peace shotgun ordeal, but a real wedding.

Lastly, and somewhat covered above, I am successful. Yes, my success scares people because they can not understand it and it puts me in a minority because at times it appears I should not reach the heights that I reach. Jealous people try to bring me down or put stumbling blocks in the roadway. Others try to get close to me just to hurt me or to use me for their own goals. Then there are those who I try to bring along. Who I try to pave the way for. They just turn up their noses posturing like I’m insulting them. This includes family, co-workers,  friends and associates. Even people that are just watching me.

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out let me say one last thing. I won’t stop. I can’t stop. I’m aiming beyond the top. You can fly with me or say goodbye to me. No man outside my self destruction can deny my destiny.