Tour the Fury

Get a load of my Starship. I know you wish you had what you see. It’s the top of it’s class. It’s so big I had to take two external shots of it. The Empire will need to fit me with a larger hanger. Please excuse the Mumble overlay. Now lets get this tour done. I have better things to do.

My one complaint about this ship is the small entry area. Really? I enter the ship to walk into a wall. Does the Empire understand how tight this space is with Kehm Val walking in with you? Now follow the pictures and paragraphs. Be envious during your tour.

The escape pod is just in case some thing goes wrong. The Force does not let you breath in space moron.

This dead end door is the big red button. Press it. I want to see what happens to you.

Here we have a conference room to plan the demise of the Republic.

The lounge and conference area is nice. Not to cozy, and purposeful. There is also enough room for sparing.

Welcome to the main deck. I know. It’s awesome and you wish your starship looked this good.

Next up is the medical center. I don’t plan to use it much.

The crew quarters contain bunk beds. I feel for the companion that has to sleep below Khem Val. He does not like the bottom bunks and I would not argue with some thing that is more than happy to eat your face.

The Captain’s sleeping quarters are well appointed. Awesome bed, nice replica of a staute from the home world, jukebox, and a digital readout system so I now what’s going with the ship at all times. It gets intergalactic satellite as well.

Next up we have the cargo hold and work area. I’ll need more companions to keep this place hopping.

Last, but not least is the Engine Room. Sorry, information about what powers my ship is top secret.

Now please leave before I am forced to use the Force to remove you. I have a galaxy to lord over.

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