D-5 Mantis Tour

Here is a pictorial tour of my D-5 Mantis. It’s not a large starship, but it has just the right amenities to get the job done of bounty hunting. I do swear that if Gault ever again brings up the need to better the decor I will throw him out of the airlock without a second thought.

We start with a look at the escape pod. Escape pod? Well, every bad guy has one right?

Next is my crews work area with easy access to the cargo hold. I’m no slave driver, but I do demand Armstech perfection. I don’t need any weapons blowing up in my face or otherwise malfunctioning.

The glowing cubicle is a prison. Some have been known to mistake it for some type of high tech shower at first sight. I suppose every now and then I’ll need to bring someone back alive. It’s only happened once thus far, but he was shipped frozen in carbon.

Next we have Gault’s current quarters, the Medical Bay. Airlock Gault. It can happen. If you have not figured it out, we have a true love hate relationship.I love to hate him, but he’s a decent crew member right now. I have to keep my eye on him though.

Next we have the crew’s sleeping quarters. It’s bunk bed style to conserve on space.

The engine room is all about the business of getting to the next bounty fast.

The Captain’s Suite is mine and only shared with Mako. King size bed for rest, and a desk to plot out the plans for the next bounty.

Last, but not least is the bridge. It’s compact like a sports car, but every thing we need access to is at our disposal. The jump to light speed is a wonderful view from here.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Back to hunting.

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