Great Hunt Grand Champion and Legacy Name Acquired

I completed the Great Hunt, avenged my slain crew members and Mako by sending Blood down with the ship. I’m not going to give any other spoilers here for fellow Bounty Hunters. Just be reassured that it’s all worth it in the end. I completed my story line at level 31. I ended up leveling while on the last part of the final bounty. I think most people will complete this at level 30. I soloed this story part and talk about some real fighting. I do suggest loading up on some med trauma packs. You’ll need them. Bringing some Reflex Stims may help too.

Yes, I am all green. It’s a healing bug in the game at this time. Some times after rezzing and getting a heal you will remain Healing Green. Or you could just say I’m Eco-friendly.

I am officially Noche Cazador. It feels good to be official.