Thoughts on SWTOR Thus Far

I am enjoying Star Wars: The Old Republic thus far. I’m very happy to be a part of the early access program. I’m slow glad I was able to apart of a couple of beta test weekends.

What is it that has me drawn in so much? Part of it is the newness factor. It’s the shiny new car to take for a spin and show off to your friends. The other part is the class story and the interactivity. I love the interactivity. Some people will blow off the interactivity, but for me it adds another dimension to the game.

I’m not worried about the end game. I’m enjoying the mow game.

I don’t like the queue waiting to log on, but it’s understandable. This is early access and it may get very hectic at full live launch if enough servers are not available for people to play on.

As for class. I created my four classes that I’m going to play, but I’m focusing on bounty hunting right now. He is awesome.