Today has been super busy at work. Did someone release the Krakin or some thing? People need to seriously check their attitudes. I understand when some thing does not and you desire to have it fixed. However, trying to get microwave type technical solutions rarely completely fixes an issue. If you just called in your issue 10 minutes ago does not mean it will be fixed in the first 5 minutes after the call.

If you want magic them go to a magic show. Technical professionals do not have magic wands to wave over issues. Why did it break? I don’t know. It may ne the same reason you got a flat tire 3 months ago. Stuff happens. Mechanical things break and so does software. Remember Windows 95? It literally made you cry the blues at home on an almost daily basis.

So please cut the raging bull in a China shop chasing a matador routine. It’ll get fixed, and life will carry on.