Yesterday’s Training

Yesterday we had a training at work. I can’t tell in enough words the look if discuss on the faces of some people. The training was paid for as overtime and it was one hour long.

An hour. The aim was to help our team do certain job functions better so that we don’t keep along the same mistakes. Yet, on a lot of faces was nothing but discuss at having to just be there.

I left with a big WTFreak impression. Did I want to go in? No. Did I do it with angst? No. I was hoping that what I trained on would help the team ti ne better at what they do. Instead, I think it was just brushed off.

For the people that did not show up on time; I have special Titanic boat foe them. If you don’t care enough to be on time, I don’t care enough to throw you a life preserver or get you into a raft. Sink or swim baby.