Explain the name of your blog and why chose it

Dispersed Thoughts is just what it says. My many thoughts thrown against the web. I didn’t want to title this blog to lock into a certain mold because it is really just about me. A kind of living web page. There are some thematic elements here and there, but for the most part it’s about what strikes my fancy at the time of my writing.

One thing I have not done is really write about my gaming here, but I am more open to it now as I begin to wind down Of Marks and Beast.

This blog which was once hosted on Blogger had another name before, which did fit for that time, but when I moved to WordPress I thought I needed some thing more professional sounding and that could speak volumes on its own. Hence the name Dispersed Thoughts.



  1. Pike says:

    Back when I was blogging at Aspect of the Hare, the name was chosen because I liked hunters “Aspect of” and rabbits (hares). The hare has been my personal “symbol” for a little while.

    Clockwork Hare, my “personal” blog, was named because I like clockwork as well! I kept the “hare” as a symbol.

    Finally, my current blog, “The Android’s Closet”, is named because my co-blogger and I both like robots and androids a great deal and the idea was that we’d blog about video games that we find in our theoretical “closet”.

    1. Nochecazador says:

      Very cool Pike. Thanks for taking the time to stop by too. I’ll have to return the favor for sure. 🙂

  2. ChristopherF says:

    This content is a positively personal property one. Thank for stakeing such great content out. Ill deff be stoping by more times then i do so i an see whats original!

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