Planes, trains or automobiles? What is your favorite way to travel 500 miles?

I’ve traveled via plane, train and automobile. By far traveling via automobile is my favorite mode of transportation followed by the train, and lastly the plane.

When you are able to take your time and travel by automobile you can see some pretty amazing things around this country of ours. The ability to take in nature is not rivaled by many other modes of transportation. From climbing the to the highest point east of the Mississippi to enjoying the sea breeze as you cruise along the coast. There is nothing that quite matches the freedom of driving.

The train and plane are nice and offer their own versions of scenery, but I don’t like the lack of freedom. There is nothing quite as annoying as being stuck next to a drunk or a crying child. No thanks to both. I like to enjoy my trips in peace. They are suppose to be vacations after all most of the time. Not nightmarecations. Yes, I made that word up. Yes I did.