Why I Don’t Indulge Blog Post Responses on Twitter

I don’t fully discuss blog post on Twitter due to the nature of twitter itself. The constantly flowing timeline does not really present itself as a good forum for a long discussion. Google Plus may prove to be a better option, but Twitter is not.

I think some people also enjoy hiding within the noise of Twitter. They can give a snarky remark or say some thing and not worry about it sticking with them for to long. It’s not like when you comment on a blog and that comment is there staring you back in the face.

Want ti comment on a post? Feel free to do so. I’ll talk back to you right here. I am a responsive blogger. However, if you choose to use Twitter as the forum, most likely you won’t get a reply from me or it will be lukewarm at best.

Once WordPress hooks up with Google Plus, then the situation will be different and I can see holding a better discussion in that venue.