How do you know where your boundaries are?


I know where my boundaries are because they are set by my faith and civic laws.

The Ten Commandments are not meaningless afterall. If you really think about, they cover most if not all of our civic laws once you take the lawyer speak out of them.

I also know that Mr. Police Officer will give me 5mph over the speed limit without any grief. Anything more and I become a blue light special.

Some times we learn our boundaries through failure. Failed at a relationship? What boundaries did you or the other person cross that lead to one or both of you being offended? Don’t do that again in the next relationship. Seems so simple, yet it’s a hard thing for some to master.

If crossing the line is going to hurt someone in some way shape or form, then don’t cross it. That’s love and it’s a wonderful boundary to be within.

I’m rambling now, which means I’ve hit my constructive post boundary. πŸ™‚