Google Music Thoughts

I was privleged to get a Google Music beta invite. I must say I am impressed, there are a couple of missing things within the Android app.

The android app does not respond to bluetooth controls. A music app on a smartphone that does not respond to bluetooth controls should be a no no. Never do that developers. I could understand if bluetooth was a new technology, but not at this point in its life span. This could all be a licensing issue that will be worked out in the long term, but I do find it an inconvenience to be missing the functionality.

The application does not have any equalization controls. If it did, it would have been slightly ahead of the pack or at least on another tier. Audio sound overall is good though.

I like being able to access my music from the cloud, but what about when I don’t have a network connection? Unfortunately, music doesnt access internal storage, nor the micro SD card storage. Because of this limitation I have kept the Songbird app installed.

The music app is missing the thumbs up or down of the web client. Why? Playlists are syncable. The thumbs up and down should be too.

Some social media integration would have been nice. It may be forthcoming, at least Twitter integration woud have been nice. Who am I kidding though? Twitter is Google’s competition in a way.

As far as looks go, Google was spot on. I love it. It’s clean, but does only an okay job of displaying album art. The buttons are great. Plus, landscape mode looks good.

I’m glad this is still the beta phase. It can only get better. Hopefully, not stagnant. Plus if Google can really pull off mixing tracks from artist that I don’t own, but they think I may like, I see Pandora getting a real run for its money.