Goodbye For Now webOS

It’s official. My house is Android. No more webOS once my Motorola Atrix arrives this week. Will I ever come back? That’s a possibility, but the hardware must improve and be readily available to purchase via carrier. You have to bring your “A” game to compete against iOS and Android. You must get to market in a more immediate Β fashion. Not almost half a year after you show off the goods. Defending your differing points is another must.

webOS does have some cool apps that I’m going to miss. Here’s a list:

  • Poster
  • Bad Kitty
  • Carbon
  • Twee
  • Notes
  • Sparkle
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Pack-n-Track
  • Securstore
  • Amigo
  • NaNPlayer
  • freeTether
  • Free Music Ringtones
  • Wobble Words
  • Blades of Fury

4 thoughts on “Goodbye For Now webOS

  1. You can probably get a similar app to each of those on Android, although I do know the tether apps eventually ask you to pay for them. (I use PDA Net, and it’s worth every penny.)

    Welcome to Android! =D

    1. Thanks. I’ve found replacements for just about every application I currently use except for Blades of Fury. Gameloft only made it for iOS and webOS. Fun fighter with medium replay value.

      The tethering is not a big deal for me at this time. I hope that that Netflix app makes it around to everyone soon though.

  2. I’m still on webOS, but definitely pondering the switch. It’s not just the hardware drought; with former webOS lead designer now the UX director for Android, the tables will flip sooner than later.

    1. Also remember that some former Palm people went to Nokia. No doubt that they will have a hand in shaping the Windows mobile platform.

      I think Palm and HP missed the initial boat by not licensing the OS. You can’t be like Apple if your mentality is not ready to be like Apple.

      Apple guards iOS like a mother bear with cubs. HP/Palm has not done that with webOS. That’s why bits and pieces of it will continue to filter into other operating systems. The opposition will not claim “first,” but they will advertise the heck out of it and make people forget that webOS did it first.

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