Poco F2 Pro full review – GSMArena Official

https://youtu.be/2JGUy0v3h4c My next mobile device.


All Clear

The water has cleared and all inhabitants live. I do enjoy the natural look more and Goldy, the snail, appreciates the smaller type of gravel for moving over.

Tank Renovations Done

The replacement of the substrate is complete. Talk about a different and more natural look. The water should be crystal clear in an hour or two. All inhabitants are okay. As you can see Goldie was out and about immediately. Gamecock is exploring the changes. The Bloodfin Tetras are huddled, but sending out an explorer... Continue Reading →


Tank Renovations Continue

Replacement of the gravel has gone well. It may not look like it, but I'm at the halfway point with no I'll affects on the inhabitants. Next week the rest of the bluish white gravel gets removed. With each water change I always add in more bacteria. Doing so is helping to balance out the... Continue Reading →


The True Story of Juneteenth


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