Dot, Not At

I said dot and she put at. Lord have mercy.

Hold It Right

If you are handling a mobile phone like a walkie talkie in the year 2017, yes, I will look at you strangely.

Not as Smart As They Should Be

User: I deleted a file from my desktop that I now need to give to another employee. Tech: Did you empty the Trash can? If not, it can be restored from there. If so, then do you use the company issued backup software daily? User: I did not empty my trash can. How do I…

That Magical iPhone

Tech: Do you have a mobile device that connects to the wireless network? User: No, I only have an iPhone. Tech: /headdesk

From Today’s Devotional

Mother Teresa once said, “I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.” Which do you find yourself expressing more consistently to God – your need for clarity (“what do I do?”) or your expression of trust (“I’ll follow you”)? Wow. That’s a mindset check. I’m guilty of asking instead of following….

Cord Cutting Complete

Yesterday, we took the final step in completing our cord cutting. We bought an Amplified HD Antenna. Call it laziness or whatever, but we just did not buy the antenna prior. I can say that over the air HD is awesome. Cutting the Cord Hardware: Internet Connection (personally I like cable broadband of at least 60…