Gift Shopping at RMKnight Photography

I wanted to take the time to remind you that RMKnight Photography can help with filling your Christmas gift needs. All photos can be ordered on the following media: Wall Art Decor Lifestyle Canvas Prints Framed Prints Metal Prints Acrylic Prints Wood Prints Prints Posters Throw Pillows Duvet Covers Shower Curtains Yoga Mats Tote Bags…

Sleep is Not Shutdown

Tech: Please shutdown the computer. User: I already did that. Tech: As part of my troubleshooting, I have to have you shutdown the computer. Once it has shutdown please remove it from the docking station. User: Done. I already did that stuff though. Tech: Please place the laptop back on the docking station and power…

Tired and Don’t Wanna

I worked out. I’m tired and I didn’t wanna, but I did. I wasn’t highly effective, but it is done. “Just do it.”


Wait. You ask a question, but you don’t want an answer? How about you state that it’s rhetorical up front so people don’t waste their time. 😒


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FitNotes Workout – Wednesday 6th December 2017

I may have to go back to the gym or workout in the early AM. The Twins made this harder than it should have been. Sigh. FitNotes Workout – Wednesday 6th December 2017 ** Dumbbell Tricep Kickback ** – 15.0 lbs x 5 reps – 15.0 lbs x 5 reps – 15.0 lbs x 5…

Finally Back at It

After setback after setback, I’m getting back in the workout lane. I built this from a Fitbit workout. I’ll do this workout for a while. At least until I progress to the 30 pound dumbbells. Then, I’ll throw back in a Beachbody workout or two. This is a good restart. FitNotes Workout – Monday 4th…