Shark ADV 400 Modified

The SICCE Shark ADV 400 is now in place and operational. I modified the output by using a small pre-filter with a marble as a baffle. The flow is set at 25%. I am running the Shark ADV 400 with my Hang on the Back filter at the same time for now. This will allow... Continue Reading →

Shark ADV 400

I bought a SICCE Shark ADV 400 in tank filter to replace the current Hang on the Back (HOB). Upon the first test, at the lowest setting with the intake fully open, the outflow was to strong. Hence the HOB is still in place. I've bought a small pre filter, put a marble in the... Continue Reading →

First Day of Kindergarten

Who would have thought that in 2020 my kid's first day of school would happen at home? Not me. That's for sure. Before COVID-19 struck I scheduled the day off. I was looking forward to being in those dropping them off at school for the first time feels. Instead it was figure out the iPad... Continue Reading →

Cool Datsun

New Generation Hop Scotch

This had to be some new generation hop scotch. It's all from her imagination. My only job is to trace the square.

Watch “Gamecock Strutting His Stuff” on YouTube

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