Throwback Thursday – The Blackberry Curve

The Crackberry, excuse me, Blackberry Curve. This was the phone that brought Blackberry to the masses. Yes, they had that smaller other model, but the Curve was the one to have. I owned one of the originals that had the trackball. The voice recognition on the Curve was excellent even if you had some background…


User: I put in username where it says to put in username? Tech: That’s correct you put in your username. User: When I type in username, it’s still not allowing me to log in. Tech: Did you type in your username? User: Oh. Tech: 😰

Sorry Homie

You ever work one of those incidents that you know in the end the end user is going to be SOL, but you still have to go through the motions? I feel bad for the dude. He’s a nice guy, but your data is gone homie.