Full Moon Night Blues

#moon #craters #night #grey #gray #nighttime #orbit #celestial #space #outdoors #canon #forsale #decor #art #photographer #onlinebusiness #photographybusiness #fineartamerica #faaartist Full photo for sale at https://3-robert-knight.pixels.com/featured/full-moon-night-blues-robert-knight.html via Instagram https://ift.tt/2nuB3CL

Dropped Passes equate to the Gamecocks Getting App Stated

The Gamecocks are now a part of an exclusive club. That club resides in the trophy case of Appalachian State. It consists of all of the Power 5 schools that the little university from Boone, NC has beaten. Yup, some Gamecock feathers are situated beside the head of Tarheel goat, and a Wolverine head.The Gamecock... Continue Reading →


Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy. Matthew 5:7 NKJV https://bible.com/bible/114/mat.5.7.NKJV

Not Today Fam…Not Today

I know some people want to dodge work and all, but fam, you really trying to hard. ********** Him: Hey man, I'm going to assign these two tasks to you because the guy is at a place you cover. Me: I looked him up in the online phone book, and he sits at one of... Continue Reading →

Netflix Ousted? Most Likely

The Knight family signed up for Disney+. This means that Netflix is on the way out. Why? Because Disney+ will have the bulk of things that I want to enjoy and more things that I can enjoy with the entire family. I'm not saying that Netflix does not have a family friendly product, but let's... Continue Reading →

Gamecock Win, A small ray of Sunshine

The win over Vanderbilt is a small ray of sunshine. It would have been embarrassing to lose homecoming, not that college homecoming is like high school homecoming. Bryan Edwards had a monster game. He was able to feast on the defense's linebackers and defensive backs. He had one of those kind of games that reminds... Continue Reading →

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