Memorial Day

While you grill out or shop out today, take a moment and think about the life you enjoy. Think about the little things that you don’t concern yourself with every day. Think about how it could all have been different if someone had not paid the ultimate price on a battlefield somewhere in this world….

Laptop No Travel

I don’t understand having a laptop, you leave it at work, to then try to remote back into it. Take that ish with you. It’s a laptop for Pete’s sake. It was designed to be portable.

​The Late Push

It’s late at night, but I wanted to get this in and I finally had quiet time to do so. 80 pushups done. I had to take a longer break before the last set, but I got it all in and I feel good about it. Shower, then bed. 5am comes very quick. At least…

Throwback Thursday

I lettered in Band in high school. I was in the concert, jazz, and marching band. I played alto and tenor saxophone. I was a Marching Wildcat. Many memories and friends made. Many small carnivals worked. Lots of oranges and poinsettias sold too. Yup, we marched in the rain as long as it was not a…

What Was Your Solution

User: Are you sure that will work? Tech: We can keep trying what you were doing that was not working.